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Sample Set -
Damage Repair

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Formulated to protect and strengthen damaged hair caused by color processing, chemical treatments, thermal styling, environmental damage, and mechanical damage including brushing, combing, and tugging.


Customizable bond-building haircare solutions for all types of damaged hair; designed to be used individually or as a four-step system


1. Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo:   cleanses while instantly strengthening and repairing damaged hair for visibly healthier, radiant hair. The shampoo strengthens hair by 47%.*


2. Damage Repair Bond-Building Hair Treatment:   conditioning serum that repairs damage at the hair’s core. This hair treatment immediately reinforce bonds, improving the elasticity and condition of strands and reducing breakage by 97%.* 


3. Damage Repair Bond Support Masque:  softens strands by 90%* while replenishing overworked tresses and instantly bonds hair fibers to replenish, repair, and strengthen hair.


4. Damage Repair Bond Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème:  reduces breakage from brushing and combing by 88%* while strengthening to protect and shield hair from thermal styling.

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